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Commit 3-4 days a week and see change happen.

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Practice=a skill, exercise, or activity repeated over a period of time.

*What you practice is what you become.

*If you practice chaos, anxiety, worry, stress, fear-this is what will be.

*Obligations, family, work, kids, house, pets, commotion.  You keep juggling balls in the air, constantly on the go, moving, sometimes it feels like you’re drowning and you can’t find a moment or peace.

*You are your practice and your practice is you.  It’s not confined to your mat. You will learn to take these principles from your mat to your every minute, everyday life.

*Start making small changes that will lead to a happier, healthy life, one breath at a time.



*Healing happens from the inside out.

*Yoga is a meditation in motion. This quality helps you tap into you-like plugging yourself into your own power source within, recharging, renewing, restoring.

*Promotes whole body health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

*Reduces stress, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness, emotionality

*Increases awareness of self, happiness, peace, joy


How a steady yoga practice works:

Yogas citta vritti nirodha=Yoga is the stilling of the movements of the mind.

The mind: is designed to think…..and think…..and think some more.

*Do you feel like you have a busy brain-like it just won’t shut off?

*Or, maybe you feel fuzzy and dull?  Like you don’t feel connected to yourself or anyone.

*Most of us have some sort of thoughts that don’t serve us and run around in our heads. On occasion they can even become obsessive or toxic.

*Science has proven that you can actually retrain the pathways of your mind.

*A steady yoga practice, can help you start to erase those thoughts and feelings, replacing them with more positivity and happiness to your everyday life.


*It’s in the stilling of the mind or the quiet that you will hear. Hear your inner-most voice. The one that knows. The one discerns. The one that will reduce anxiety, worry, fear, loneliness, stress, depression, and sadness. The same one that will bring you clarity, peace, joy, and love.


The body: I can’t touch my toes. I’m not flexible. Yoga isn’t hard enough and won’t do anything for me.

*Nothing is arbitrary about yoga, from the way you breathe to the way you stand and move.

*You will use parts of your body in ways that you never have before.

*Range of motion, flexibility, and strength will increase through a steady yoga practice.

*You will be creating muscle memory (awareness) in your body that will take you deeper the more you practice.

*The physical practice works from the inside out so even what you don’t see, is getting a workout and receiving benefits. Your lungs, diaphragm, brain, and internal organs are being detoxed as you practice, refreshing and rejuvenating the whole body.

The soul: As you practice, you will begin to find a stirring deep within and through that, a greater connection to yourself.

*As you are able to connect deeper to yourself, the soul shines the light on the mind. The mind shines the light on the body. The body shines the light on the soul. Then you being to shine this light outward.

*Your friends and family will even start asking, “What are you doing? I see a change.”


You will make change happen one breath at a time.

The breath: just breathe, everybody’s doing it.

*We talk about and focus on the breath a lot. Great news! Your breath is with you wherever you go, so learning how to make it work for you is a bonus=life changer.

*The breath helps you be in the present moment which reduces feelings of worry, anxiety, stress, sadness, and fear-these live in the past or future.

*Awareness, peace, happiness, freedom, and synchronicity, live in the present moment.


The focus= where you put your attention is what you will create and where the path of your life will go. (Chaos=chaos, peace=peace)

*When you step on your mat, the focus is inside you-where the answers are, not outside you.

*By practicing the principle of sense withdraw, you will find a greater connection to yourself.

*This connection or awareness is like turning on a light in your body mind and soul.

*When you step off your mat, you begin to build a bridge to your everyday life bringing more peace, joy, calm and love.


The core=the core drives the bus.

*These are your values, principles, beliefs-the person you are and how you choose to live.

*A steady yoga practice heals you to your very core.

*It gets into every nook and cranny of your being increasing strength and flexibility of your body, mind and soul.

*Not to mention, you will work your actual core like you never have before.


Personal Story

I suffered from sciatica due to a fall in my late teens.  The pain would shoot down my right leg which would cause me to limp and I wasn’t able to stand up straight, so I would be hunched over for days on end. The pain was excruciating. If you experience this or any kind of back pain, (or any pain in your body) I’m sorry you’re suffering with this!


Great news!  I no longer suffer from sciatica. When I started practicing yoga, my back would still go out, BUT over the first few months, I noticed it happening less and less. As I learned the correct way to breathe, reduced the stress, toxicity and tension in my life and body, and strengthened my low back, core, legs and torso (entire body if I’m honest) using not only the major muscles, but the supporting muscles as well, this brought relief to my entire body.

~Elise Angell