Mission Statement:

Yoga: To integrate the principles and practice of yoga, working from the inside out, increasing awareness, bringing healing, peace and joy by building a bridge from the mat to everyday life.”

Coaching: To improve and heal all relationships, finding the root, by focusing on the most important relationship-the one with you as all relationships stem from this one.


GOAL=to offer a path to wellness for all ages and levels, at an affordable price.



*A state of living or healthy lifestyle in body, mind & soul

*An active process in becoming aware of and making healthy choices toward a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle

*A style of complete physical, mental, and social well-being


Even though Elise is the owner of the studio, each teacher has their own unique interpretation and delivery of instruction and is given room to express that. As instructors, we know the importance and commitment to you and our own yoga practice and continued learning. You will see us practicing alongside you, often. We feel, this brings a cohesiveness to our teaching and a bond with our yoga community.


Elise Angell

The decision to take over the studio was made over a dinner conversation with my husband on New Year’s Eve 2018 and Living Yoga & Wellness was born.

For many years my dream has been to have a center for education, healing, and wellness-merging the principles and practice of yoga/meditation and life/health coaching all in one place.  When I look at my path; the abilities and opportunities I’ve been given, it’s become clear that God has been leading me to now.