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Beth Massey

My journey with yoga began four years ago. At the time, I was weight training and running six days a week, competing in obstacle races and adhering to a strict macronutrient diet. I was pushing my body past its limits, and it was beginning to pushing back even harder… with low back pain, plantar fasciitis, turf toe, rotator cuff tendonitis, and a torn pectoral muscle. Short periods of rest and modifications in the gym simply weren’t enough to undo the damage. I turned to yoga, rather begrudgingly, hoping that it could heal my body. I viewed it as a punishment of sorts, this forced stretching nonsense. But something in my heart believed the answer was on the mat, so I leaned in. I’m ever so grateful that I did.

Yoga healed my body of injury, but more than that, it healed my mind. It restored the emotional and intuitive connection between my body and my mind. I discovered that the weights and miles my body endured weren’t the cause of my injuries; it was my inability to listen to what my body was telling me in the moment and adjust the intensity of my activities accordingly. I was conditioned to disregard pain, to push past it, to never “give up.” Yoga asked me to slow down, to turn inward and pay attention, to count the cost.

Yoga taught me that there is tremendous strength and wisdom to be found in strategic retreat.

Yoga changed me. It helped me discover the power of a life lived consistently seeking center. That’s all I want for my students – self-discovery. I pray that each time a student comes to their mat, it’s one step closer to their heart’s home. It is my honor and privilege to walk alongside them at Living Yoga and Wellness.