• Sunday April 3, 2016

“A situation or relationship seems clouded with illusion or falsehood and you want to get to the truth of what’s going on.”


When you are happy, healthy and whole, it’s not possible to be unkind or ugly because you are acting from joy, compassion and love. When someone is behaving in this way, it’s coming from their wounds and suffering. Having experienced verbal abuse in my life and coaching, it’s more common than you may think. It’s deception in not being able to be seen, has deep roots that are damaging to your very core and soul. You can feel as though you’re very alone and slipping down a dark hole. If the person is unaware, unwilling to change or take responsibility for their behavior, it’s ok to limit your interaction or walk away. Actually sane to do so. For if an object is flying at you, your natural instinct would be to protect yourself-move out of harm’s way.


Hold a space. Take time to heal. Live and extend compassion and love.